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This is the RekoNet search engine. It can search the fields Name, Author and Comment of every entry as well as the corresponding ReadMe file and allows you to select the ones you like. The keywords you can enter maybe anything in the texts you want to search for (including partial words, characters, signs). There are no patterns supported for security reasons. The only exception is * which maybe used for selecting all cardsets (f.e. useful if you want all new cardsets or anything like that). The second field allows you to change search mode from "or" to "and". This has effects only if you enter more than one search word (seperated by space).

Keyword usage
or(at least one key matches)
and(every key matches)
Newer than date
Display matches per page
Include previews directly
Do not scan fields
Name Author Comment ReadMe
Do not use cardsets
Type Type I Type II Type III
  RKP 8 RKP 16 RKP 24
  Soliton WizSolitaire
Manner normal erotic porno