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This page contains information about changes and news concerning RekoNet. Do not expect this page to change frequently, as RekoNet does not change very often. The last column contains names of people I want to thank for their help.

Clicking on the date field shows the cardsets added at this date.

2018-05-28 New cardsetsErnesto Avenido
2015-05-03 New cardsetsErnesto Avenido
2015-04-18 Many new cardsetsErnesto Avenido
 Cleanup of links and scripts 
2007-12-19 added RekoCardLoader DLLChristophe Auger
2007-03-22 added some cardsets I overlooked in rekonet group files sectionPunnchy
2006-12-24 added first set of RKP24 cardsets 
 added Cardgames Deluxe and CardsetDB toolsRemy
2006-12-23 added Solitaire Heroes toolVegard Krog Petersen
 2 new cardsets added 
 added Totally Spies cardset collectionAllan Rasmussen
2006-12-22 lots of new cardsets added 
 miscellaneous updates of DIYreko stuffAllan Rasmussen
 added new WizSolitaire version and MacOS variant 
 New server should make updates easier and faster 
2005-11-22 added new WizSolitaire version 
 miscellaneous updates of DIYreko stuffAllan Rasmussen
 some links updated 
 lots of new cardsets added 
 Sorry for the long delay to last update 
2004-11-18 added new WizSolitaire version and Java variant 
 miscellaneous updates of DIYreko stuffAllan Rasmussen
 some links updated 
 lots of new REKO cardsets added 
2004-04-17 added new WizSolitaire version and Java variant 
 miscellaneous updates of DIYreko stuffAllan Rasmussen
 added more WizSolitaire cardsetsSimone Tellini
 added 2 new cardsets from AndreasAndreas Sauer
 added new Inju2 sets for SolitonAllan Rasmussen
 some other cardsets which have been missing 
2004-04-04 added new Soliton cardgame 
 miscellaneous program updates 
 added new cardsets from AllanAllan Rasmussen
 added new cardsets from AndreasAndreas Sauer
 added some more Soliton cardsets 
 added sources for new tool rekotoppm 
 added 2 cardset collections 
 Rekonet accepts donations now to save its future 
2004-03-15Rekonet is back online again with an own domain 
 nonadult section added 
2003-11-30 added 5 cardsets from AllanAllan Rasmussen
 added 5 cardset done or converted by AndreasAndreas Sauer
 added 5 cardset from The CoalabaerThe Coalabaer
 fixed a bug in web-page creation, readmes are available again 
 some program updates 
2003-09-10 added many cardsets from different authors 
 added cardset of non-REKO types (Soliton and WizSolitaire at the moment) 
 Update of Carrot4 cardsetAllan Rasmussen
 some new links and programs 
2003-06-29 added 5 cardsets from different authors 
 added 3 new cardsets from AllanAllan Rasmussen
 fixed links page 
2003-05-01 added lots of new cardsets 
 added 4 Carrot cardsets from AllanAllan Rasmussen
 added cardsets from new author, also removed the sets from RekoNet yahoo groupFoxystoat
 added Dizney and Buffy cardsetJennifer Warner
 added 3 cardsets from Vegard Krog PetersenVegard Krog Petersen
 added new link to Vegard's site 
2003-03-23 added 3 new cardsets by AllanAllan Rasmussen
 added 2 new cardsets by JoeJoe Pineapples
 added 5 MogwaiMen cardsets 
 added Imbruglia2 cardset 
 added Boop and Charmed cardsetJennifer Warner
 added 5 converted cardsets from AndreasAndreas Sauer
 RekoNet reached 1100 cardsets 
 added link to Soliton development page 
2002-11-17 added 9 new cardsets 
 added new Version of AS-solitaireAndreas Sauer
 added new rekoview toolAndreas Sauer
 fixed some description texts 
2002-10-06 added 6 new cardsets 
2002-09-01 added 1 new MogwaiMen cardset 
 added Girl2 and JLO-Face cardsetsAndreas Sauer
 added BubbleGum_Crisis cardsetSebastian Zielinski
 added 5 new cardsets by Joe 
 added Brom, Rhythm and 30 updated cardsetsAllan Rasmussen
 fixed Audrey Hepburn link 
 added new AS-solitaire versionAndreas Sauer
 added AS-rkpmakerAndreas Sauer
 added WizSolitaire program and links 
2002-06-30 added 2 new MogwaiMen cardsets 
 added updated RomantikGirls and Sonya cardsetAndreas Sauer
 fixed several descriptions 
2002-06-02 added Buffy2 cardsetVegard Krog Petersen
 JulieKSmith and ZoeJoe Pineapples
 added new AS-solitaire versionAndreas Sauer
 added MogwaiMen7 cardset 
 added 3 Dorian cardsetsAllan Rasmussen
 added link to Vegard's site 
2002-05-05 added Elfstars cardset from AllanAllan Rasmussen
 added AnnaK2 and KWitt cardsetAndreas Sauer
 update of AS-solitaireAndreas Sauer
 added 7 new cardsets by Mogwai 
2002-04-21 added 2000AD online link and their 4 cardsets 
 added Shakira cardsetAndreas Sauer
 update of AS-solitaireAndreas Sauer
2002-04-14 added 5 new cardsetsJoe Pineapples
 fixed link to Joe's site 
 added Rei cardsetAllan Rasmussen
 added Pat1 and TwinPeaks cardsetAndreas Sauer
 update of AS-solitaireAndreas Sauer
2002-03-23 added Norma cardset 
 added 3 new cardsets by Joe PineapplesJoe Pineapples
 added Aki cardsetAllan Rasmussen
2002-03-18added 3 new games to links and programs pageAndreas Sauer
2002-03-16 added 2 new cardsets from AndreasAndreas Sauer
 added 3 new cardsets by Joe PineapplesJoe Pineapples
 added Wordsworth cardsetAllan Rasmussen
2002-02-23 with some delay added some 4 new cardsetsAndreas Sauer
 with some more delay added FrancineDee cardsetsThorsten-Jens Mannsfeld
 added Digimon cardsetAllan Rasmussen
 finished direct download page for all the programs 
2002-01-23 added 8 cardsets by Joe Pineapples and link to his pageJoe Pineapples
 added 5 cardsets from AndreasAndreas Sauer
 added 2 cardsets from AllanAllan Rasmussen
 Added direct download page for all the programs 
 RekoNet reached the magic 1000 cardsets border 
2001-12-20fixed links to Reko Productions 
2001-12-17 updated TheDark, Comic and Dogs cardsets to Type IIIGraham
 added Porn3 and MarkyBoy_AGAGraham
 added Girldoll and U-Jin (the first cardset with U)Allan Rasmussen
 added RomGirls and Uma1 (the seond U-cardset)Andreas Sauer
2001-11-25 added Girl1 cardset and new linkAndreas Sauer
 added RaWnchy cardsetBlackpanther
2001-11-18 added 7 new cardsetsAlessandro Basso
2001-10-27 added 6 new cardsetsKonner
 added Aishim cardset from AllanAllan Rasmussen
2001-10-25 added lots of new cardsets from KonnerKonner
 added Type III version of FitChix cardsetKonner
2001-10-05added my own Perl based search page 
2001-10-01 added Starlegs cardset 
2001-09-30 added 2 new cardsets from AllanAllan Rasmussen
 added 32 new cardsetsTorsten-Jens Mannsfeldt
2001-09-29added lots of new links 
2001-08-05 added Yuuka cardset 
2001-08-03 added Dividead and Muku cardsets (porno)Allan Rasmussen
 And again RekoNet is online. This time I'm running the server myself. 
2001-06-03 added Aethyr cardsetAllan Rasmussen
 added link to Allan's homepage 
2001-05-08 added Hemp and 8 new hentai softporn cardsets from AllanAllan Rasmussen
2001-05-05setup mailinglist 
2001-05-04finally RekoNet is online again 
2001-03-31 added Plymptoons and Zerotype cardsetsAllan Rasmussen
 added lots of new cardsetsBlackpanther
 moved RekoNet again to another server 
2001-03-11 added Bishoujo and Ecchi cardsetsAllan Rasmussen
2001-02-25 added Elfquest cardsetBlackpanther
 changed DeBond01 cardset to Type IIIBlackpanther
 added Kawaii cardset from AllanAllan Rasmussen
2001-02-15 added Inju2 cardset from AllanAllan Rasmussen
2001-02-13 added Hirosue3 and Stef990425 cardsetsBlackpanther
2001-02-12 added Tranquil, Matrix and Shala1 cardsets 
 added some links and new informations 
2001-02-10 added news and search pagesBrian Taylor
 added Inju and MichellePfeiffer cardsetsAllan Rasmussen
2000-09-05 added 7 cardsets from P'Heavy'B 
2000-01-22 added RyanIdol and Four_HotGuys cardsets from J.D. van EgmondJ.D. van Egmond
1999-10-24 created RekoNetFulvio Peruggi