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There is a special nonadult variant of this webpage, which has no erotic content and is seperated at best from this normal variant.

Nonadult page

Some favourite cardsets

Totally Spies

All the downloads from this site are free, but to provide this service a provider needs to be paid. To keep this service online donations from the users of this service are very welcome. If you think this webpage provides a useful service, then think about donating little money. Payments may be done through PayPal or direct bank transfer inside Europe. Contact me at webmaster@rekonet.org with a useful subject (e.g. RekoNet) to pass the SPAM filters. If you want to access the now hidden cardsets, donations are a requirement. For immediate donations click on the the following button:

Only the Type I, II and II cardsets can be used directly with Klondike AGA. You either need to convert other cardsets (e.g. using ConvertReko for RKP sets) or you use Soliton and my reko.datatype.

All the cardsets have been checked for correctness and have been repaired if necessary. Some sets had wrong file size information, other sets had switched card order (club, diamond, heart, spade). Correcting the order is not really required for Solitaire, but these cardsets can be used by other programs as well! All the cardsets are stored as zip file, with only the cardset, readme and preview picture inside. Different ReadMe files have been joined into one file. This is necessary to keep the stuff managable. If you are a cardset author don't be angry. If information texts are missing or wrong or no name is in author field of the list, contact me and tell me correct information for list update. It was really hard to get that much information, as lots of distributions removed the author information and ReadMe's totally and renamed the files.

A lot of thanks go to Fulvio Peruggi. He sent me most of the cardsets for initial startup of this site and thus made it possibly to have such a big number of accessable cardsets. Also thanks to all the people sending me missing or new cardsets.

Lots of these cardsets are of erotic or pornographic nature and marked as erotic or porno in comment field. There are download restrictions to these cardsets according to the server conditions. If you think a erotic cardset should be marked as pornographic and thus download restricted, inform me and I will see if this needs to be changed. As I needed to classify all the cardsets myself I may have made errors.

Contact me at webmaster@rekonet.org if you have

  1. made own cardsets
  2. information about authors, new email addresses
  3. missing cardsets
  4. cardsets with same name but other pictures and other author
  5. Missing cardsets from these lists: Drilbit, Flare/Purple Turtle, Rastan
  6. cardsets of TypeIII or TypeII, where list states TypeII or TypeI
  7. corrections, ideas, suggestions
  8. new links for the links page
  9. a new cardset collection for the favourite pages
  10. donations
Do not send larger files without contacting me first! Take a useful subject (e.g. RekoNet) or SPAM filters will kill your mail.

This homepage is purely designed (yes, I know that)! If anyone has the time to do it better, contact me.

There is a mailinglist for RekoNet related topics. This was set up to stay in contact if again the RekoNet server is unreachable for some time. Also it maybe used to announce new cardsets and so on.
You can
A short information about the cardset types:
TypeCard countTypes of cards Comment
Type I55 cards13*4 + back + empty + specialAmiga standard
Type II59 cards13*4 + back + empty + special + 4*stackExtra stack cards
Type III68 cards13*4 + back + empty + special + 4*stack + 9*prefsExtra stack and prefs cards
RKP 857 cards13*4 + back + 4*stackPC 8 bit dynamic data
RKP 1657 cards13*4 + back + 4*stackPC 16 bit data
RKP 2457 cards13*4 + back + 4*stackPC 24 bit data (contains JPG files)
WizSolitaire52 or 57 cards13*4 + back (+ 4*stack)JPEG files
Soliton52 cards13*4single picture

I provide all these material for download assuming that the original authors of the files have the copyright for their work or the original copyright owners agreed with the usage of their material. If this should not be the case I will remove the specified stuff when requested. I reject any reliability for copyright issues resulting from misuse of copyrighted material used by the cardset authors, as it is an impossibility to validate this issue.